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And Now, The News
My company was acquired today.
Friends in Cambridge:we’ll be hanging outat Border Cafetonight.
TechCrunch(reddit): “always played second fiddle to Digg”
Reddit Blog: “you all have made it everything that it is. A number of you even stuck with us after we switched away from Lisp.” “suggest[s] that we’re in a serious period of inflation, though let’s stop short of calling this a bubble.”
Matthew Roche: “the Avis Rent-a-car of the content voting sites.”
David Weinberger: ” a very very smart move by CondeNet…if they let the Reddit folks heavily influence how the service is developed.”
Blake Killian: “Conde Nast, the unlikely Disruptor.”
Bivings Report: “just sort of scratched at the surface of what might be possible if traditional publishers embrace social technologies.”
Digg: “Reddit is where you go when you need someone to explain to you why North Korea is heaven on earth and America is the devil”
Wired News: Users can also append negative votes to stories that are of poor quality or that fail to capture their interest.”
Mark Pilgrim: “a new form of online scam in which you make all the content, and we keep all the money.”
Media Wire Daily: “a clear sign that Charles Townsend is making sure that Conde’s digital dick is solid enough to swing with the big boys.”
Matthew Ingram: “No word so far on whether the rumoured price of $65-million has any relationship to reality”
Gawker: “merging with the ickle kiddies … the Nasties decided they needed more of that Reddit magic.”
GigaOm: “Reddit received 16 percent of about 300 votes cast, following Boing Boing and Gawker.”
Valleywag: I went to their Boston pad, we played some video games.”
Webomatica: “digg gone through a Craigslist filter.”
Slashdot: “the great big Web 2.0 bubble continues to inflate towards the popping point”
The Register: “the price is many heaps smaller than the $150m that Kevin Rose reportedly wants for Digg”
Joey DeVilla: “I see that Aaron’s been keeping track of what they’ve written about the acquisition on his blog.”
ReadWriteWeb: “Reddit is another to have been extensively profiled by [us].
Press Release: “Reddit achieves our objectives on both counts, and we are confident that other companies will find Reddit to be a partner that can bring tremendous value to their Web efforts.”
Marketing Shift: “The obvious question to ask is if Conde Nast will allow Reddit’s rankings to remain neutral and not benefit the company’s properties.”
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October 31, 2006